One Mexican Boy’s Journey of
Becoming an American Surgeon

“On the Border of a Dream” is an eye-opening and uplifting memoir that tells the true story of a boy from rural Mexico who, at a young age, sets his mind to becoming a pioneering surgeon in the USA. The memoir follows Edgar Hernandez, first with his tight-knit family as an adolescent in Mexico and then as he journeys to the USA to pursue his dream.

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Dr. Edgar Hernandez
On the Border of a Dream

On The Border of a Dream is a book about a community of people; “family” my family to be exact. Our family touched a young man’s life and guided him to become a surgeon, which was his dream come true. Personally, reading this book is like watching a home movie for the second time. From our meager beginnings, to the ups and downs of immigration, and finally moving to the United States to pursue a dream. Edgar’s descriptive recollection makes this a hard book to put down. My brother Edgar has touched thousands of lives – as well as saved many lives – with his skills in the medical field, and I am so proud of him for sharing his story of triumph.

Jorge Hernandez, Honored Brother of the Author

Follow the Personal Journey of Dr. Edgar Hernandez

Edgar’s grandparents
Dr. Hernandez's grandparents, Andres and Marcelina
Edgar Hernandez
Three-year-old Edgar Hernandez (left) with his two brothers, Pedro (middle) and Jorge (right), in 1953
Miguel Hernandez
Dr. Hernandez's brother, Miguel, in 1978

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About the Author

Edgar H. Hernandez, MD, MS, FACS, lives in Tempe, Arizona. In addition to being a proud husband and father, he is now a happy grandfather of six granddaughters from the ages of six months to 16 years.

For over thirty years he has been a surgeon in private practice. Additionally he has served as chief of surgery, chief of staff, and member of the board at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Chandler, Arizona.

Dr. Edgar Hernandez